Trauma Counselling

Trauma counselling is one of the most courageous types of counselling engaged in, particularly for those who have been traumatized in early childhood. The effort to continue to trust and to be in the therapeutic relationship while being triggered by the past is a monumental task. I find it challenging and honouring to be a part of a process that moves people from victims to survivors and finally to thrivers.

How might you experience trauma?

The diagnosis of trauma involves three main symptoms:

Hyperarousal where you may feel an exaggerated startle response, panic, irritability and sleeping problems.

Avoidance where you may experience numbing, dissassociation (disconnection from self, others and experiences), poor concentration, blocked thoughts and emotions, and avoidance of places and people who trigger difficult trauma responses.

Intrusion where you might experience fragmented flashbacks from the trauma, dreams, intrusive nonverbal body experiencing. Symptoms of body experiencing include headaches, numbness & emptiness, nausea & stomach cramps, neck, shoulder & back pain, throat and chest constriction. 

Fragmented Flashbacks

Because of the parts of the brain involved with trauma there is a difficulty for those experiencing trauma to explain to themselves and others exactly what they are experiencing. If some of this sounds like you, you may want to invest in trauma therapy.

This site has been put together primarily for my clients to help explain some of what goes on in trauma therapy. If you are looking for a trauma therapist, please feel free to contact me. If you are passing through this site and looking for information to explain what is going on for you, I hope you are helped by the information.